Kids Drive Change

Kids, you’re bursting with imagination. We love all the great ideas you have to make this world awesome.

Take action and have fun.

Think of how you can turn some of the things you already love to do – like arts, sports or music – into a fun project that raises money to help kids in Ethiopia go to school.

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See what amazing kids like you have done.

Meenah's Chain of Hearts

People from around the world sent messages of love to Ethiopia.

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Junior Kindergarten Photo Exhibit

A class of four-year-olds captured their world through a camera lens.

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Heather Spreads the Word

Heather created a video to encourage other kids to take action.

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Love from One School to Another

In the spirit of citizenship, a school in Vancouver befriended Ethiopia.

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There are as many ideas as there are kids in the world.

A Film Festival Produced by Kids

From script, to the camera, to the red carpet, these kids put on a show.


Market: Kids' Business 101

A student entrepreneurial challenge: business planning to sell crafts.


Summer Read-A-Thon

She read 50 books, and encouraged her friends to take part too.


Oskar's Art Cards

He hand painted each card and then sold them on sunny days.